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LED street lamp high-power products in the application of the market share is increasing
- Jun 05, 2018 -

At present, the LED street lamp supply chain has a mature lighting system in China, including epitaxial film, LED street lamp chip and packaging, focusing on cuhk

Size LCD backlight, LED street lighting and home lighting applications.

In 2011, about 30 percent of China's LED street lamp chips are expected to be locally produced, compared with almost all five years ago

My mouth. Since 2009, the world, especially China, has been actively promoting the production of high-power LED street lamps for lighting use, and the output of high-power and high-brightness LED street lamps has been stable

Step up, though the share of high-power LED street lamps remains small.

However, the average cost of LED street lamp chips decreases by 20% to 30% each year, but the brightness increases by 10 times

The development and the batch production speed are accelerated, and the price is expected to continue to decline. In 2011, the price of LED street lamp chip unit luming is expected to be reduced by 10% ~

20%, including high-power LED lights, all types of LED lights will be reduced.

In recent years, the large and medium-sized backlight market has exploded, making the price gap between LED street lamp and CCFL backlight unit gradually narrow, LED street lamp

The price of backlighting units was three times that of CCFL in 2007, and by the end of 2009 it was 1.5 times that of CCFL, so LED backlighting units were 2010

This year has taken over a lot of the traditional CCFL market.