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Outdoor Moving Lights

The 350W outdoor beam moving head is a compact high-efficiency, high-effect, high-speed fixture that combines high-quality waterproof materials and high-tech design technology, and has very good waterproof performance; it has a color wheel: 14 colors+open; one gobo metal pattern wheel : 17 gobos+open; Independent 16-facet prism, combined with the gobo function, can be realized separately 16 beam effects; integrated folding light hook, prism automatic adjustment, convenient and fast.

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Product Details

350W Waterproof Moving Head Beam Light

Model: JNT-B350F


350W Waterproof Moving Head Beam Light can Interchangeable gobo wheel with 17 fixed gobos + open high speed shake effect. It have16-face rotating,can shine. It also has powerful features in the rain.


Input voltage: AC90-240V 50-60Hz

Light source power: 350W / 440W

Machine power: 500W / 600W

Bulb theoretical life: more than 1500 hours

Color temperature: 7800K / 7500K

Focusing: Linear electric focusing

Dimming: dimming smoothing without flicker

Light Source: YODN MSD 350W / 440W

Ballast: YODN MSD R17 / S20

Strobe: independent strobe, 0.5-20 times / sec adjustable color / pattern / effect

Color Wheel: 11 colors (customizable CMY)

Beam angle: 2 °

Lens diameter: 170mm

Fixed pattern disk 12 + 1 + can be two-way jitter, animation, water effect

Prism: Two prisms (Standard, Customizable)

Control: DMX 512, voice, Auto, master and slave

Rotation angle: X axis 540 degrees,  Y axis 275 degrees can auto correct the positioning

Channel :: Standard 16-channel,  CMY with 20 channels

Lamp material: the use of high-strength PA66 with high temperature, anti-aging wear, light drop and other characteristics

Protection class: IP54

Lamp body size: 418 * 378 * 620 (mm)  25kg

Carton Size: 440 * 420 * 810mm    27kg

Note: we can do any kinds plug for different countries,such US plug,EU plug,UK plug,AU plug....and we can offer CE cerfication for it.if ship by sea, the total price can be more cheaper, if you need to ship by sea, please contact with us.



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Our factory

JINNAITE fully adopts the international advanced management concept and has been concentrating on technology research and development and conducting independent product research and development, and introduces advanced equipment and standardized processes for product production. Each of our products have passed relevant quality inspections and aging tests. We have a complete and scientific ISO 9000 management system, passed CE, ROHS certification, and occupies the market with products with high technological content and excellent quality. Our lights meet the needs of both distributors and end users, and have been exported to more than 100 countries and have been served more than 1000 clients so far. We are highly praised by people from all over the world.

Our Enterprise Goal:  Creating the world first-class brand "JINNAITE"

Our Business Philosophy:  Honest service and excellent quality to win the world  

Our service concept:  To make every effort for winning customers praise.

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About us

We are a manufacturer,factory located in HuaDu district,Guangzhou city,China.Our factory has more than 12 years of production experience,long-term supply to the other trade company, products exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Japan and around the world. Whether for a school, nightclub, theatre or place of worship JINNAITE stage lighting &Audio Co.,Ltd is your one stop resource for system design and installations. Because ours is an industry where time lines, technology, logistics and creativity must come together to produce a final product, we have developed a unique culture of teamwork, customer focus


Innovation:We have a professional team to develop new products, keep up with the new generation

Competitive price: We can offer the high quality at the competitive price

Competitive price: Professional cost controls to ensure competitive prices

Certified: Our product have European CE and Rohs certified.with the excellent quality product

Good quality:Professional mechanics and engineers ensure high product quality



Customer first: the production of customer satisfaction good performance.reliable product

Installation :Free teach installation

OEM service:OEM and ODM service ,welcome to consult.

Warranty: Standard product is 1 year warranty, longer warranty is acceptable

After-sales service: One-year warranty, permanent service

Delivery time: adequate inventory,delivery time is short

Reply in time :For the questions raised by the customer,we will reply within 12 hours

Productive forces:strong production capacity,to ensure timely delivery


Production detail:Focus on every production detail

Product test:More than three days of product testing

Clean environment:We think highly of the production environment to ensure the quality of our products.

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