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A Few Big Fireproofing Measures Of Stage Light Should Be Done
- Jun 05, 2018 -

The lighting current shall have its own branch circuits and shall not be connected to the power master switch. Short-circuit protection facilities shall be set up for each branch circuit

In order to avoid accidents caused by overload and fever, some important places and places where inflammable and explosive goods are concentrated must be equipped with overload protection devices. non-explosion-proof

Lighting distribution box and control switch are strictly prohibited to be used in level 0 and level 10 explosion dangerous places. After the distribution plate as much as possible to reduce the joint, the disk surface should be well connected

The ground.

Fourth, strict lighting voltage grade and load.

The lighting voltage is generally 220 v, and the power supply voltage of portable lighting lamps should not exceed 36 v, but should not exceed 12 in humid areas

V, and the use of autotransformer is prohibited. Power sockets under 36 v and above 220 v shall be marked and marked clearly.

The number of lamps and lanterns in a branch circuit shall not exceed 20, the current of civil lighting shall be less than 15 amps, and the industrial use shall be less than 20 amps. By the load

Determine the wire specification (each socket is loaded with 2 ~ 3 amperes). The three-phase four-wire lighting circuit should also be well balanced.

The lighting fixtures for the accident shall be located in places that are prone to accidents, such as the main entrance and exit of buildings and important working places, and marked with obvious colors

Mark in case the accident can be activated in a timely and convenient way. Accident lighting cannot be of slow start type (such as ballasts).

The accident lighting lamp shall be powered by an independent emergency battery to ensure that the normal power system can be normally opened and used without being affected when damaged.