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Difference Between Tube Lamp And Lamp
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Difference between tube lamp and lamp

Tube lamp and shoot the light a lot of people are confused, do not know this two kinds of lamps and lanterns have what distinction, what position should apply to household, and application

What's the difference? Say simply, the lamp of tube is a kind of lamps and lanterns that has concentrated light more than the lamps and lanterns that install normally, it is used commonly

Lighting or auxiliary lighting; The lamp is a kind of luminaire with high concentration of light. Mainly for special purposes

For example, highlight something interesting or innovative.

The distinction between tube lamp and lamp

1. Look at the light source

When installing incandescent lamp, it is yellow light, when installing energy-saving lamp, the type of visual bulb can be white light or yellow light, the light source direction of sky lantern cannot adjust. a

The lamp of average household USES quartz bulb, or lamp bead. Of course, large projectors don't have to be quartz bulbs. Quartz bulbs have only yellow light.

And the light source direction of the general lamp can be adjusted freely.

2. Look at the application location

Tube lamp is installed in ceiling commonly, condole top needs to be in 150mm above commonly just can install. Of course, there are also external lamps. In the absence of dome light

Or the area of droplight installation tube lamp is very good choice, the light is opposite to shoot the lamp wants downy. The spotlights can be generally divided into track type, point hanging type and inlay type

And so on. The spotlights are usually equipped with transformers, but there are also some without transformers. Built-in spotlights can be fitted to the ceiling. Spotlights are mainly used

The ground that needs to emphasize or show, wait like TV wall, hang a picture, adorn article, can hit smooth charm in order to enhance effect.

3. Look at the price

Same grade, shoot the lamp wants a few more expensive. Generally speaking, the domestic quality of better tube lamp brands are op, sanli, leishi, sanxiong auroras. Among them

Leishi and sanli are the most cost-effective. Tube lamp has big (5 inches) commonly medium (4 inches) small (2.5 inches) 3 kinds. The current market price of a small size is 20-15 yuan

Between 28 and 32 yuan for medium size and 36 to 48 yuan for large size. Of course, the above price does not include light source. There are two kinds of tube lamps: horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal inserts are a little more expensive than vertical ones.

It should be noted that the spotlights should not be used to irradiate the wool fabric at close range, nor should there be inflammable obstacles at close range, otherwise it is easy to cause fire. though

However, the spotlights use a lot of electricity, but in the appropriate position it has a very different decorative effect. The lamp still has 5 coloured lamp cup decorate rise to have special flavor.