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Looking For Computer Light That Can Be Used For Showering And Sauna
- Oct 10, 2018 -

In less than a week, the highly anticipated [Guangzhou International Performing Arts Equipment, Intelligent Sound and Light Products Technology Exhibition] and [Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition] will continue to sing in Pazhou. As a non-famous anchor, I will definitely take this opportunity to come to Yangcheng, where the heat is rising, to eat morning tea, go shopping, and watch the show.

Ten years ago, five years ago, or even two years ago, in order to protect the moving lights in outdoor use scenes, they were usually put into a spherical transparent cover. The air in the waterproof ball must be inflated and contracted. The heat dissipation of the lamp must also require gas exchange. How can it be sealed and breathable? Of course, there is another way, that is to use a simple cover. However, both methods can cause corrosion and loss of life of the luminaire, not to mention the electrical hazards involved.

  In terms of user requirements and product capabilities for pure outdoor use, manufacturers are not allowed to compromise, so the most direct way is to make your lamps waterproof. And, because the luminaires are waterproof, they are at the expense of luminaire performance. This compromise is not necessary.

The picture above shows an IP65 moving head lamp from a foreign brand. The 65 is a very high grade, meaning it is completely dust-proof and can be lower than the high-pressure water flow. In the next two lighting and sound exhibitions in Guangzhou next week, you can not only see the domestic OEM version of this lamp, but also experience the trend of “waterproof”.

  One of its most striking features is its front-end lens, which can be narrowed to 3° at the closest beam angle and with a maximum beam angle of 40°. It uses the Philips MSD 21R 470W bulb, which has a considerable light output. Even when you use a photometer to measure the luminous flux at the minimum beam angle, you should even wear sunglasses to avoid eye damage. When the handheld photometer is placed in the center of the beam, you can feel the heat. .

According to the instructions in the manual, to replace the bulb, first remove the quarter of the luminaire, remove the heat exchange module, and remove the radiator to see the bulb. According to the manufacturer, the lamp has an average life of 1500 hours. For the color rendering of the bulb and the uniformity of the spot, you can refer to other lamps that use the same type of lamp.

  Since the lamp is designed for outdoor use, the lamp cap is a sealed unit with four fans for heat dissipation, two for dissipating heat from the head, one for blowing hot air around the optics, and the other for Used to exchange air inside and outside the luminaire. The fan is also IP65 rated, and its power and noise are quite good for the purpose of effective heat dissipation. It is definitely not suitable for use in theaters.

 In general, the luminaire can also switch between beam, pattern and dye mode through zoom and focus channel control, as well as CMY color mixing system and color temperature correction system, as well as rotating pattern wheel. Basic requirements can be met. But can't expect too much, after all, waterproof is the key to it.