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Shake Head Lamp Troubleshooting
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Common trouble: shake head lamp whole lamp do not connect electricity?

1. First, check whether there is any problem with the power cord;

2. Check whether the fuse of the power base is burnt;

3. Turn on the bottom panel of the lamp and check whether the ballast is energized. Whether there is a falling image of the connecting line of the internal switch;

4. Open the two outer shells of the lamp body and check whether the temperature control fails near the position of the bulb.

Common trouble: the headlight bulb doesn't work?

1. Turn on the end of the lamp body and check whether the bulb is white or black. If there are two images above, change the bulb first and try again.

2. Open the two outer shells of the lamp body, and the trigger is installed on the lamp post. Check whether the trigger wiring is blackened, and replace the trigger if there is one.

Common trouble: when does the light bulb turn on?

1. Check whether the light bulb is white, black or even swollen. In case of any of the above situations, please replace the light bulb immediately to avoid damage to the product.

2. Check whether the fan close to both sides of the bulb is working normally. If there is any problem, please replace the fan timely.

3. Please open the two outer shells. There is a white temperature control on the layer between the pattern piece and the color piece to see if it is burnt out (if it is damaged, it will not die out)

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4. Open the two outer shells of the lamp body, and there is a heat dissipation window at the end of the bulb. After a long time, the air passage will be blocked

The earth is full of cloth, please clean (this radiator window is best cleaned once a month for the best effect).