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The Component Composition Of Stage Theatrical Light
- Oct 16, 2018 -

stage theatrical lights are often used in stage performances and film shooting, mainly for lighting and achieving a certain light effect. This kind of stage theatrical light is composed of four parts: light source, optical component, mechanical part and electrical part.

1. Light source: it is divided into incandescent lamp, metal halide lamp, halogen tungsten lamp and so on. Its luminescence is dot shape, stripe or rectangle shape, color temperature is 3200kg 5500K, color index is above 80.

2. optical components: according to the shape, distribution, imaging, effect, etc., of the luminous body of the light source, The optical system is composed of objective lens, field mirror (condenser), reflector and so on.

3.  Mechanical components: it has the functions of enclosure, light blocking, heat insulation and heat dissipation, and can also ensure the stability, reliability and various functions of the optical system. Usually, the light beam angle is enlarged and closed, the common objective lens or zoom objective lens is focused, the motor mechanical drive of the effector, etc.

4. electrical components: including steady voltage power supply, light source accessories (trigger, ballast, rheostat, etc.), dimmer and continuously variable speed electric circuit controlled by effector drive motor, etc.