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The Stage Lighting Is Recommended For Proper Lighting
- Jun 05, 2018 -

First, choose lamps and lanterns reasonably.

In places where explosive mixtures or explosive media are easy to be produced in production, integral explosion protection devices should be adopted. Corrosive gas and especially moist

Place, should use sealing type or moisture-proof type lamps and lanterns, its component still should undertake antiseptic treatment. In hot, dusty places (such as steelmaking, ironmaking, rolling)

Such as the place) may use the projection lamp. Outdoor lighting can use sealed lamps or open lamps with fireproof lamp holders.

Second, lighting and decorative lamps should be installed correctly.

(1) the distance between the lamps and combustibles shall not be less than 50cm (halogen tungsten lamp shall be more than 50cm), and the ground height shall not be less than 2m, when the height is lower than this,

Protective facilities should be added. Do not stack combustible goods under the light bulb.

(2) the protective cover of the lamps must be in good condition. It is strictly prohibited to cover the lamps with paper, cloth or other combustible materials.

(3) the power of all lamps and lanterns installed in dark or light on the combustible ceiling shall not be too large, and shall be dominated by incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps; Concealed lamps and their heating accessories

There should be good heat dissipation conditions around. The conductors of the lamps inside the ceiling of the stage shall wear steel pipe or flame retardant hard plastic sleeve

Pipe laying; The conductors near the halogen tungsten lamp should adopt heat resistant insulation sheath. The wires of the hoisting colored lights shall be protected by rubber rings through the keel.

(4) the low-temperature ballast with reliable quality shall be selected, and the high-temperature ballast shall not be directly fixed to the combustible large flower plate and other objects, its capacitance and capacity

Must be consistent with the lamp tube.

(5) level 0 and level 10 explosive dangerous places (level 0 area, refers to explosive gas, and level 10 area refers to explosive dust), use open lamps and lanterns as inserts

When the wall niche, its overhaul door should be opened outside the wall, and ensure good ventilation; One side of indoor lighting should be tightly closed with double glazing. The distance

The horizontal distance between door and window frame is not less than 3 meters, and the horizontal distance between door and window frame is not less than 5 meters.