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Tube Lamp Selection Method
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Canister light of choose and buy

1. Material of the panel

Generally there are the following kinds: iron sheet, die-casting aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel. Tinplate home decoration as few as possible, but the price is cheap, so the work of more

Some, because the renovation time of the tooling is faster. Home decoration is at least 5 years above. Die - casting aluminum, aluminum or stainless steel are recommended. Die casting aluminum

The color of the tube lamp is mainly sand-nickel, and the color of aluminum tube lamp should be diversified, mainly including sand-gold, sand-silver and sand-black, and stainless steel

Be yourself.

2. Safety of lamp holder

The lamp head of tube lamp is a more important link, the main material of lamp head is ceramic. The reed in it is the most important, there are copper and aluminum,

A good brand is made of aluminum sheet and spring is installed at the contact point to enhance contact. And the power cord for the lamp. Ok

Tube lamp brand is to use 3 line wiring lamp head (3 line namely fire line, spirit line, ground line), some can take wiring terminal, this also is to distinguish good brand

It's a very basic approach to branding. Want to see lamp head firm and firm even, do work whether fine.

3. Reflectivity of lamps and lanterns

Reflective cup general sand cup and light cup two kinds, the material is aluminum, aluminum will not change color, and better reflectivity. Some small manufacturers use plastic spray

To do this, the new process looks good, but over time it gets darker and even darker. The way to identify it is to look at the uniformity of the cut, the aluminum

The material is cut neatly and the spray is the opposite.

4. Direction of the lamp

If the top space is large enough, buy the vertical space directly. If the top space is small and not far enough, you can consider the horizontal insert

It's a little more expensive than vertical inserts.

5. Tube lamp size

The home is installed with 2 inches commonly, 2.5 inches, 3 inches are given priority to, corridor can install a bit bigger tube lamp. The tooling generally USES 4 "-8" these kinds of specifications.

6. Panel support

Another is that the thickness of the panel is important, which determines the price of a tube lamp. The importance of the brackets is worse than that of the black lacquer ones

, this mainly depends on the thickness, with a bit of force pinch, will not appear very serious deformation can be.